With safety being our number one focus, we are able to identify the practical steps required in order to protect people from the risks associated with working around equipment under pressure (hydraulic and pneumatic).

Having worked alongside many global OEMs Fluid Power Design Solutions provide consultancy services in areas relating to the selection of reliable and cost-effective hose and coupling solutions, so as to enhance your opportunities and potentially reduce the time needed to gain OEM approval.

We are able to provide guidance at the prototype piping up stage helping to ensure that the optimum hose assembly is identified, routed, installed and subsequently inspected in such a way as to ensure the maximum possible service life of each component within the port to port solution.

As part of the consultancy service we are able to identify individual client’s training requirements based on their employee’s job roles and responsibilities. This service can lead to the development of a training path with subsequent competency assessment being undertaken on behalf of the client.